An exciting Creative Writing Journey

through 12 destinations
at our unbeatable Launch Offer Price!

From 7th June to November 22nd 2023

I write what I like. Do we really?

When our creativity flows unbridled, do we always succeed in writing what we like? Do our artfully crafted words match our intention?

Not always. In fact, often our stories take a path of their own.  This is great, but… we get lost somewhere and that amazing manuscript that we imagine turning into a book, translated into ten languages, selling like hotcakes… no better, like Fifty Shades of Gray… no, no, much better, like Harry Potter… lies unfinished on our computer.

Inspiration, creativity, and feelings suddenly fall short.

We need technique, discipline and to challenge our writing. As well as the input of an outside eye.

Jump on board! And you will find all that and more. Navigate with us through readings, videos, and words, with Shakespeare and Dante charting our course and Simona Gallo Mosala at the helm. She is a lecturer, translator, editor and writer with a Master in Creative Writing from Scuola Holden (Turin, Italy), and a PhD from UCT.

How it works 

The course will be conducted in a private Facebook Group. Sessions will be posted on the first and on the third Wednesday of each month, over a period of 6 months for a total of 12 sessions.

In each session, Simona will provide an inspirational text, video clips to broaden your perspective and a reading list to nurture your writing. Leading you into a writing practice designed to find the most powerful way of writing your stories.

Then she will review all your stories and you will have the chance to interact and comment on each other’s work.


ZAR 3000 in three ZAR 1000 instalments 

1. By 1st June 2023
2. By 1st August 2023
3. By 1st October 2023

Our 5% Family discount applies

Special Launch Offer for All

ZAR 2500 if paid in full by 31st May 2023

The course is subject to a minimum number of participants.

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