La Dante offers Italian classes for adults from Beginners A1 to Advanced and Conversation levels.

Lessons are conducted in Italian by qualified mother tongue Italian teachers.

Currently all our courses are online.
We use a videoconferencing platform which allows for real time video and audio interaction with the teacher and fellow participants.

Courses start at Beginners level (A1.1) and move up a level each term.

WHEN: see our Latest News section for information on the start of the next Beginners course.

PRICE for online course: R 3000 per term (+ R 300 annual family membership + R 550 textbook)

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We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ratified by the Council of Europe.
This ensures uniformity in line with other language institutions worldwide.

Level Description Our Courses
(each sublevel is taught over 3 months)
A1 Ability to use everyday expressions and to ask and answer questions about personal details. Interaction with Italian speakers can take place provided the other person is willing to help. A1.1
A2 Ability to communicate in contexts requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on easy topics such as personal and family information, shopping, employment, directions. A2.1
B1 Ability to understand written and spoken texts on simple subjects. At this level, one is able to engage effectively in a conversation as a tourist, to express opinions and to give simple explanations. B1.1
B2 B2 level is required to register with schools or universities, professional and training courses, as well as work which involves interaction with the public. Ability to interact with Italian speakers easily and fluently. B2.1
C1 Full confidence with the Italian language and culture in all settings (social, professional, commercial, industrial and administrative), and the ability to produce and understand complex and longer texts with implied meanings such as literary works. C1.1
C2 High linguistic competence equivalent to a native Italian, applicable in all professional settings. This level is required to teach Italian as a foreign language and also to handle complex assignments. C2.1