Why study Italian?

Italian is considered now the fourth most studied language worldwide.

• Italian is a beautiful, melodic language, graced with all the poetic expression of its romantic roots.

We all want to speak Italian because we love the way it makes us feel. (…) A Russian woman tells us she’s treating herself to Italian lessons because “I think I deserve something beautiful”. (…) No European language has just as noble ancestries (…) no language was ever more perfectly ordained to express human emotions.

— “Eat, Pray, Love”, by Elizabeth Gilbert, writer

• Italian is useful for high school and college students planning careers in art history, music, linguistics, education and international relations.
It can help get a better job in many sectors, especially those related to the fashion and hospitality industries, culinary arts, interior, graphic and furniture design, etc.

Our course is specifically designed for students who want to take Italian as a second additional language for Matric (SAL), assessed either by the IEB (Independent Examination Board) or the PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri).


This course includes two hours tuition per week and provides an Upper Elementary Language Competence (A1-A2).

Learners gain confidence in expressing themselves in a wide range of situations. Through listening, they will gradually be able to use the language more creatively. Learners will be able to understand longer, less familiar texts in more varied situations.


This course includes four hours tuition per week and provides an Intermediate Language Competence (B1-B2).

The students will be able to use the language to create and interpret texts as well as respond appropriately in a wide range of situations. Learners will become gradually more able to use the language creatively to express their own ideas, communicating confidently and effectively via the spoken word.
In grade 12 learners approach literary texts in Italian which have been prescribed for study by IEB.