I just wanted to let you know that this is the most special hour of Isabella and Julia’s week. They adore Stefania so much that if they could have her in our home every day of the week that would.
She is one of the most incredible people we know and the children love her.
Kind regards

Mina Stein
Buon pomeriggio, complimenti per tutto cio che fa per la promozione dell’italiano.

Credo Serge Manass
Ciao Consuelo
Sto bene grazie.

I am so sorry to read this news. You will be sorely missed and I can only hope that whoever replaces you will have the same level of professionalism, patience and encouragement as you displayed over the past few months.

Jurgen Kummer
Ciao Giulia!

Mi piace este commentario:
Vorrei dirlo que la lezione este sabato e' stato buenisima!
Mia figlia Valentina, anche io, siamo molto felice
Avantti tutti !
Grazie mille.

Fabrizio Diantina
Hello Giulia,

Thank you for the notice. Gabi Martin will not be continuing with Italian this year due to a very full schedule. She loved her lessons last year, thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Hi Giulia
All good from my side.

I would also like to commend Manuela, she is so friendly and always has a big smile on her face, every Saturday morning at 8am :)  and the boys absolutely love her, she really makes the lessons fun for them, we are so fortune to have such a lovely tutor for our boys.

Tania Da Silva
Grazie mille per ieri sera!  It was a lovely evening and a good opportunity for some Italian exposure.  I look forward to a fun filled 2012 with Dante Alighieri and the Scuola.  I am also very excited to continue onto Level A1.2 with Simonetta in the new year.

Buon Natale!

Shareen Hull,
Personal Assistan
Good morning,

That sounds great, yes only one Kosher child.
I must say I am so impressed with the way you go out of you way for the kids and parents.

Thank you
Nikè Shulman
Hi Cinzia,

You are so kind! I think you were Kerryns nana too at the watching day.
She loves you so much, and her italian lessons.

See you soon.

It was so encouraging to see so many people and the kids got so much out of it.
Well done to the teachers who put a lot in!  I know it is never easy to organize such an event.

Ciao Lucia,
grazie nuovamente per un grande anno scolastico. Devo dire, che entrambi la Daniela e Michela si trovano veramente bene con te, ed hanno avuto un cambio di interesse verso le classi d'Italiano, adesso non vogliono mancarne nemmeno una.

Ti faccio un augurio di buon Natale e fine d'anno, e speriamo di rivederci il prossimo anno.

Well done to the Italian School and all the teachers on a very creative and educational concert. Isabella got a lot out of it!

Hi Sara,

Thanks so very much for all the info.
By the way, we loved your Tombola evening and will definitely attend more!

Kind regards
Dear Sara Viglietti,

Thank you. This is very impressive service! I look forward to a long, friendly and interesting association with the Società Dante Alighieri.

You have a wonderful day too!

Best wishes
Harry Morton
Hi Stefania,

Thank you for the excellent service at the party. It was hugely successful due to your efforts. The moms also had a great time. Even Alexa’s teacher heard about the fun time everyone had.

Your information  is already doing the rounds amongst my friends so I hope you will get more interest.  Once I get my pictures sorted out I will send it around again.  I will also add it my Facebook page.

When my son is older, I will definitely be using your services again!

Caron Jeaven
Dear Sara and Consuelo,

Thanks for organizing such a fantastic outing to the Cocoa Fair. It was such fun and super for the kids to learn about chocolate and the process behind manufacturing it.

Thanks and Regards,
Claudia Mirotto
Good Day
I would like to thank the school for reducing the tuition fees for 2012. In these economic times it is hard to plan for extras and the Italian classes are very important to me.
We are enjoying the conversation classes very much and it is nice to apply and revise everything that Benedetta taught us so well the past couple of years. It is good to be in a class where one is encouraged and feels comfortable speaking in Italian without the fear of making mistakes.
Kind regards
Yolande Roux

The cooking classes for the children are fantastic!  Helena loves it and we are enjoying the results!

Helet Merkling.
Ciao a tutti!

Grazie mille per ieri all’Italia in Campagna!  Benissimo!

The weather was lovely; the food was great, overall a wonderful day.  I would like to make one observation about the live band, it was very nice to have them there but it would have been a lot nicer if they played more traditional Italian music and less Jazz.  However, talking of music the solo guitarist singing Italian songs at the dinner and then on Sunday close to the entrance was superb, would have far more traditional to have that type of music from the stage.

I look forward to next year with more stalls and more activities.
Kind regards,
Shareen Hull
Dear Madam

Thank you, our children are really enjoying the lessons with Lucia.

Kind Regards

Elsje Swanepoel
Hi Stefania,

Grazie Mille. Isabella had so much fun yesterday. Thank you for organising and hosting such a fun filled event!

Love Mina and Isabella Stein and Nonna Rebecca x
To Stefania and La Dante Staff.
Chiara and I really don't mind what day, where or what time the lessons are.  I'm just so grateful for your big heart, your commitment and enthusiasm you have for the children. We looooooooove you!!!
See you in the morning :)
Xxx Gaby
Dear Alessia,
Thank you so much for your willingness and flexibility!! Something I love about Italians.
Thank you again and best wishes for a peaceful holiday!!!
Kind regards
Laura Spokes
Dear Sara,
Thank you, our children are really enjoying the lessons with Lucia. We have taken note of the new times.
Kind Regards
Elsje Swanepoel
Hi Sara,
Our class WON the Junior Olympics (Foundation phase grades 1 – 3) for our representation of Italy!
Thank you so much for your assistance.

Anina Potgieter