Conversation Courses
Our group conversation courses are for those who are already confident enough in the Italian language to hold a generic conversation on various topics. If you are a complete novice and interested in conversation classes, we suggest you first enroll in a beginners course, where the teaching method is based on spoken communication.
There is no textbook, only handouts are provided.
Course Description
Beginner This course is recommended for those students who have studied Italian based on a methodology which was predominantly grammatical,  but who have not acquired the same level of verbal proficiency.
Intermediate    This course is designed for students at an intermediate level. Each lesson is focused on specific subjects. They will be supplied with a glossary, handouts, Internet links and references.
Advanced This course is designed for students at an advanced level. Students are given the opportunity to discuss topics regarding Italian society, current affairs and arts through reading articles from newspapers and magazines or extracts from novels by Italian writers provided.