High School (grade 8-9)
This course encompasses two hours’ tuition once a week and provides an Upper Elementary Language Competence (A1-A2).

The learners gain confidence in expressing themselves in a wide range of situations. Through listening, they will gradually be able to use the language more creatively. Learners will be able to understand longer, less familiar texts in more varied situations.
  High School (grade 10-12)
This course encompasses four hours’ tuition per week and provides an Intermediate Language Competence (B1-B2).

This course is specifically designed for students who want to take Italian as a second additional language for matric , assessed either by the IEB (Independent Examination Board) or the PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri).
The learner will be able to use the language to create and interpret texts as well as respond appropriately in a wide range of situations. Learners will become less reliant on formulaic language and steadily more able to use the language creatively to express their own ideas, communicating confidently and effectively via the spoken word. The learner will also be enabled to read Italian easily and respond critically to the aesthetic, cultural and emotional values in texts. In addition, learners can write more fluently and for a greater range of purposes.
  Levels and descriptions
Our Italian group language programme is in accordance with the Common European Framework of Language Learning:
Level Description Our Courses
A1 A1 attests to the ability to use familiar everyday expressions and to ask and answer questions about personal details. At this level of competence, interaction with Italian speakers can take place provided the other person is willing to help. Beginners A1.1
Beginners A1.2
A2 A2 attests to the ability to communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on areas of most immediate relevance, such as personal and family description, shopping, local geography, employment. Elementary A2.1
Elementary A2.2
B1 B1 level indicates the ability to understand written and spoken texts on familiar matters. At this level, one is able to engage effectively in a conversation as a tourist, to express opinions and to give simple explanations. Intermediate B1.1
Intermediate B1.2
B2 B2 level attests to competence in the language which is necessary in a traditional scholastic context (to register with school or universities), to pursue post-graduate studies (such as professional and training courses), as well as to prepare for work activities that involve interaction with the public. At this level, one can interact with Italian speakers fluently and spontaneously. Upper Intermediate B2.1
Upper Intermediate B2.2
  Courses and Programmes offered

Our group language programme consists of 12 courses of 32 hours each. The minimum number of students required in order to form a class is six, with a maximum of 12. It is recommended that students undertake a brief evaluation test in order to determine their competence level and hence be placed in the appropriate class.

Courses are held in Cape Town (at our premises in Gardens and at the Italian Club in Milnerton), Stellenbosch and Port Elizabeth.

Beginners A1.1 and Beginners A1.2 focus on the use of social interaction in familiar contexts.
Programme: pronunciation, spelling, elementary language structure, reading and dictation, simple conversation, simple composition, simple video and audio comprehension

Elementary A2.1 and Elementary A2.2 focus on more advanced use of social interaction in familiar contexts.
Programme: language structure, reading and dictation, short compositions, conversation on everyday matters, video and audio comprehension.

Intermediate B1.1 and Intermediate B1.2 focus on spoken and written communication beyond familiar situations.
Programme: language structure, reading, dictation, composition, conversation, video and audio comprehension.

Upper intermediate B2.1 and Upper intermediate B2.2 focus on spoken and written communication beyond familiar situations for those students who already have a good grasp of the language.
Programme: completion of language structure, elements of syntax, reading, dictation, composition, conversation, video and audio comprehension.

  Language and Culture Courses in Italy

We facilitate student’s programmes to study and experience Italian in Italy. We liase with Institutes that are specialized in teaching Italian to foreign students and are well known for their  competent, enthusiastic and highly qualified staff, for the friendly atmosphere and for the many extracurricular activities that are available on a daily basis.