Pre-Primary School (aged 3 to 6 years)
This course encompasses one hour of tuition once a week and lays the foundations for the Language Learning Programme at school.

Lessons are held in the afternoons at the Dante Alighieri Society’s premises. We teach Italian through an interactive approach that encourages singing, story-telling and acting. Children love to play - therefore, by engaging each learner through ‘educational play’, children learn Italian while having fun!
  Italian as Extra-Mural activity (grade 1-12) Courses and Programmes offered
This course encompasses one hour of tuition once a week and provides an Elementary Language Competence (A1).  We teach Italian by giving authentic linguistic messages whereby the language is illustrated in meaningful everyday contexts. Thus the learner will be able to understand and use familiar expressions and very basic phrases. Learners are also gradually introduced to reading, which is essential for developing language - especially vocabulary - and writing.
  Courses and Programmes offered

Our Italian group language programme is in accordance with the Common European Framework of Language Learning:

Level Description Our Courses
A1 A1 attests to the ability to use familiar everyday expressions and to ask and answer questions about personal details. At this level of competence, interaction with Italian speakers can take place provided the other person is willing to help. Beginners A1.1
Beginners A1.2
A2 A2 attests to the ability to communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on areas of most immediate relevance, such as personal and family description, shopping, local geography, employment. Elementary A2.1
Elementary A2.2
  Courses and Programmes offered

Our group language programme consists of 12 courses of 32 hours each. The minimum number of students required in order to form a class is six, with a maximum of 12. It is recommended that students undertake a brief evaluation test in order to determine their competence level and hence be placed in the appropriate class.

Courses are held in Cape Town (at our premises in Gardens and at the Italian Club in Milnerton), Stellenbosch and Port Elizabeth.

Beginners A1.1 and Beginners A1.2 focus on the use of social interaction in familiar contexts.
Programme: pronunciation, spelling, elementary language structure, reading and dictation, simple conversation, simple composition, simple video and audio comprehension

Elementary A2.1 and Elementary A2.2 focus on more advanced use of social interaction in familiar contexts.
Programme: language structure, reading and dictation, short compositions, conversation on everyday matters, video and audio comprehension.

  Complementary activities for children
We believe that cultural, social and recreational activities that bring the students into close contact with Italian life create an ideal setting for achieving excellent linguistic results.

Theme Outings: once per term we take children to authentic Italian food factories where they can witness the correct way to make fresh pasta, mozzarella, ice-cream and chocolate while interacting and also tasting the delicious produce.
Cooking Classes: once a week we offer cooking courses and pasta parties for children which is guaranteed fun! Children love to cook and are very proud to take a gift-wrapped parcel home for their parents to taste.
Cinema Club: we offer a wide selection of movies, from classic cartoons to documentaries and award-winning Italian films. Children may also make use of our library and share books which support reading and writing in Italian.
Holiday Programmes in Cape Town: we offer supervised activities during school holidays where our dedicated language teachers focus on engaging the children through educational play-time. It is an ideal, safe environment that parents can trust. Children learn while having fun and interacting with other Italian-speaking peers.