Why study Italian?
Besides being the official language of Italy and also one of the official languages of Switzerland, Italian is the native tongue of approximately 60 million people. Belonging to the Romance group of the Indo-European family of languages, it gives unique expression to the passionate Mediterranean temperament.

•    Italian is a beautiful, melodic language, graced with all the poetic expression of its romantic roots. It is said that to possess another language is to own another soul!  

•    Italian is useful for high school and college students planning careers in art history, music, linguistics, education and international relations. It can help you get a better job in many sectors, especially those related to the fashion and hospitality industries, culinary arts, interior, graphic and furniture design, etc.
•    Italy is a fascinating place to visit - the combination of its legendary lifestyle and rich cultural and historical heritage makes it one of the globe’s top tourist destinations. Understanding the language will vastly enrich your experience thereof.

No matter what your motivation – the opportunity to work overseas, cultural exchange in a land steeped in history, researching your genealogy, or studying topics such as Italian literature or art history - the discovery and enjoyment of the Italian language and culture is guaranteed to inspire.
  Why study at the Dante Alighieri?
At the Dante Alighieri we teach more than just language; students enjoy learning Italian taught by teachers who infuse lessons with their passion for everything Italian. We create the perfect environment for learning: meeting like-minded friends who also enjoy the culture and speaking the language at our cultural events. The Dante Alighieri is indeed your stepping stone to modern-day Italian culture.
  What’s different about us?
Whether you wish to learn Italian for business or pleasure, we can help you improve your language skills at a level that suits your needs, thanks to:
•    Dynamic, enthusiastic, experienced and highly qualified teachers
•    A focus on real-life communication
•    Small classes and individual attention so that each student achieves excellent results
•    Exposure to a variety of enjoyable cultural events
•    Our library and video library
•    Our communicative approach: our classes are proficiency-driven, therefore we provide our students with as many opportunities as possible to hear and speak Italian.

We pride ourselves on being the only official examination centre in Cape Town for the prestigious Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri (PLIDA) certificate, which attests to proficiency in Italian as a foreign language.